MEDICAL ELECTRONIC DATA SYSTEMS (MEDS), a division of Ladera Career Paths, Inc., has a mission to provide California health care providers with accurate and affordable computerized medical billing and collection services. MEDS’ clients pay a simple service fee of the total amount collected for all claims, less than 60 days and standard percentage for all denied claims, regardless of age. There is a No-Risk Obligation for our doctors and hospitals if we do not collect any outstanding claims on their behalf.

As a professional provider of computerized electronic medical billing services, medical billing training, and medical billing consulting services, our clients rely on us to aggressively pursue their medical billing claims.

Our team of experienced medical billing and collections professionals stay abreast of the latest trends in insurance claims filing, reimbursement, and reporting requirements, and are trained to handle all types of insurance claims and patient collections.

Our clients, who include one of the largest public hospital systems in Southern California, as well as prominent private physician practices, rely on us to deliver timely medical billing services. We use the Internet and other technologies and resources to shorten collection cycles, reduce coding and other claims errors, and to minimize redundant data entry and other unnecessary overhead for our clients.

For more information on how MEDS can service your medical billing needs, please complete the online form below and one of our representatives will contact you.